Viral Story: 3 Students Climb A Tree To Text Their Teacher, Praised By Netizens

Three students in the town of Libacao, Aklan were praised on social media for climbing a tree to get a signal and to text the teacher in the middle of modular distance learning.

Bituin Suganob, a teacher at Alfonso Xll National High School, posted on Facebook a photo of 3 students at the top of a tree.

According to Suganob, the former student handed him a photo of his Grade 11 students who were patiently receiving a cellphone signal to update him with their module.

The children are far from town and the signal in the area is difficult.

According to Suganob, he posted the photo because he was impressed by the efforts of his students.

He said the teacher wants the safety of the children and also does not encourage students to imitate it because it is dangerous.

The photo was also posted on the Facebook page of a local radio station in Aklan, garnering thousands of reactions and more than 300 shares.

Distance learning was implemented this year while face-to-face classes in schools were banned due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite strong calls for the safety of schools and the return of face-to-face classes, even if they are limited, President Rodrigo Duterte still did not allow them.

According to MalacaƱang, Duterte is not in favor of returning face-to-face classes because the president wants the COVID-19 vaccination program to be launched first.

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