Video: Sachzna Laparan aka “Miss Flawless” Alleged Scandal One Of The Hot Topics In SocMed

Social media went frenzy after the alleged controversial video of Sachzna Laparan also known as “Miss Flawless” goes viral.

Laparan is one of the well-known social media influencers these days. Due to her beauty and appealing body, she was able to lure the hearts many of her fans.

The Pinay celebrity went popular because of her entertaining videos online where she also made collaboration with other influencers like Jomar Lovena.

At the moment of this posting, her official Instagram account already have 591K followers while on Facebook she have 1.7 Million followers.

Laparan is also one of the endorsers of Luxxe White ( one of Frontrow products) where she earned a nickname “Miss Flawless”. Other brands that she endorsed is A-Plus All Weather Paint where she became an official “Paint Babe”.

Yet, there’s a controversial video which involved the young celebrity which is now being shared like a wildfire in social media. The said video received reactions from netizens.

In the said video, Laparan can be seen inside a room wearing a silky wardrobe where she’s filming herself during her private moment.

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