Vaccination Of Soldiers Vs COVID-19, Mandatory – AFP

The Armed Forces of the Philippines will mandate the vaccination of their soldiers against COVID-19.

At a virtual press briefing, AFP spokesperson Major General Edgard Arevalo said that soldiers can choose the brand they want to inject into them.

But according to Arevalo, the soldiers cannot refuse to be vaccinated.

“To get inoculated or not is not an option to the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It is a duty,” said Arevalo.

“At the most, the exercise of option will be the option as to what brand of vaccine they will be availing of but the cost of which will not be paid by the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” he added.

He said those who refuse to get vaccinated will be punished based on the existing rules.

“Pwedeng ma-punish sila under Article of War 105, which is commanding officers disciplinary powers,” said Arevalo.

Earlier, the Department of National Defense said its employees and military members could receive 100,000 doses of the Sinovac vaccine.

The vaccine will also target staff and military personnel assigned to the DND civilian bureau such as the Office of Civil Defense, Government Arsenal, National Defense College of the Philippines and the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office, as well as AFP civilian employees.

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