Trending: Russian Nurse In A Hospital In Tula Wears See-Through Protective Suit Over Bikini At Work

A Russian nurse who is working in an all-male COVID-19 area of a hospital in Russia was reportedly got reprimanded for showing off her underwear in a transparent personal protective suit.

The photo of the female nurse went viral online where she can be seen wearing a top and bottom bikini under a see-through gown while attending to a patient at the Tula Regional Clinical Hospital located at the town on Tula just 160 kilometers from Moscow.

According to the reports, the photo was the snapshot of the unnamed nurse who at her 20’s was taken by a patient and also said that there were ‘no complaints’ from his ailing counterparts.

While the male COVID-19 patients showed no problem with how their attending nurse outfit, the officers of the hospital has a different view on the matter and gave sanction to the health-care worker for ‘non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing.’

According to Daily Mail, readers of the newspaper Tula News reacted positively to the nurse outfit.

Here are some of their comments:

“At least someone has a sense of humor in this gloomy, gloomy reality,” wrote one reader.

“Everyone shouted at her, but no one paid attention that she was dressed in this way because of the heat,” said another reader.

“Why punish the nurse, you need to reward her. Seeing this outfit, no one wants to die,” reaction from another reader.

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