Trending Now: Ivana Alawi’s True Identity Unleashed After She Got Pranked By Raffy Tulfo

For the first time in Raffy Tulfo In Action, Ivana Alawi who is one of the famous Youtuber made an appearance.

However, her first guesting to ‘Wanted sa Radyo’ probably didn’t go as she expected as the idol Raffy Tulfo along with her staff and even Mona (Ivana’s sister) and Ivana’s mother joined forces to stage a scripted situation.

Idol Raffy prepped his staff making sure that the prank they’re going to make is believable since Ivana herself is a well-known prankster which can be seen in some of her Youtube videos.

It seems that Ivana thought that it was only a simple guesting appearance she’s going to have in idol Raffy’s show yet she was told that there was a complainant where she claimed that she’s not feeling well after she ate some of the relief goods that were distributed by Ivana.

The complainant asking money as a settlement and will withdraw any case that she can file against the Youtuber.

Ivana on the other hand, broke in tears while listening to the complainant. She also uttered words that totally describe the real identity of Ivana beyond her comedic acts in her Youtube channel and her alluring poses in her Instagram account.

Watch the video above to know the full details of the story.

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