To End “Teacher-Shaming” Issue, Here’s What Teacher’s Dignity Coalition Recommends

The Teacher’s Dignity Coalition made its proposal to the Department of Education in order to address the issue of “teacher-shaming”.

TDC PROPOSES SOLUTIONS TO ‘TEACHER-SHAMING’ The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) proposes several measures to end…

Posted by Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) on Friday, November 22, 2019

The recommendation was brought out because of the recent incident involving a grade 2 teacher and the relatives of her student that went viral on social media for the past few days.

“This and other incidents should be taken seriously by the DepEd. We call on our Secretary Leonor Briones to make necessary steps to protect and defend our teachers as well,” said Benjo Basas the national chairperson of TDC.

Also according to TDC facebook page, their sources from the teacher’s school in Manila, the teacher and the child’s parent have already settled their dispute after a meeting with some DepEd-Manila officials also yesterday, without the presence of media people.

Here are the recommendations to DepEd and other policy-making bodies.

  • Reduction of class size to a maximum of 30 students per classroom;
  • Provision of sick and vacation leave benefits for classroom teachers;
  • Creation of more SPED centers and hiring of SPED teachers based on the needs;
  • Professionalization of school guidance and counseling system and hiring of registered guidance counselors with higher salary grade based on their qualification;
  • Institutionalization of alternative school discipline policies agreed by parents, teachers and learners;
  • Amendment of certain penal provisions of RA 7610 especially in the school setting;
  • Protection of teachers from harassment, intimidation, physical threat, extortion, media sensationalization and assigning of a defense lawyer for public school teachers facing criminal charges;
  • Massive training on Positive Discipline Approach;
  • Review of the DepEd Child Protection Policy and crafting of another policy to protect the teachers as well.

“We must, at all times be sure that the rights and welfare of teachers be protected in the same weight as we protect the children.” Basas added.

To End "Teacher-Shaming" Issue, Here's What Teacher's Dignity Coalition Recommends

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