Idol Raffy Wants Rhea Tubia To Be Part Of His Staff (Part 4) | Raffy Tulfo In Action 2020 Latest

Here is the Part 4 video of the case brought by mother and daughter, Angelina and Rhea Tubia in the afternoon's public affairs program of idol Raffy Tulfo in "Wanted sa Radyo". Read more »

Raffy Tulfo In Action (Part 3): Trifona Selma Begged For Forgiveness From Nanay Angelina And Rhea Tubia

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Selma Trifona Confronts Her Complainants (Nanay Angelina And Rhea Tubia) In Wanted Sa Radyo | Raffy Tulfo In Action Latest 2020

Nanay Angelina and her daughter Rhea Tubia are back in the booth of "Wanted sa Radyo" to continue their complaint against their employer. Read more »