Ericka Villongco Removed Cryptic Post, Says Sorry For The ‘Bad Joke’ Probably On Jadine’s Break Up

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Ricky Lo Fires Back Nadine Lustre After The Jadine Split-Up Confirmation

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James Reid Ex-Girlfriend Ericka Villongco Shared Cryptic Post, Maybe Related To Jadine Break-Up

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Netizen Found A Much Clearer Photo Of The Alleged James Reid-Issa Pressman Cheating On Nadine Lustre

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James Reid And Issa Pressman Caught Dating Abroad While There’s An Alleged Cheating On Nadine Lustre?

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In the Wake Of Jadine (James Reid-Nadine Lustre) Break Up, Robi Domingo Tweets Piano Cover “On The Wings Of Love”

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TWBA: Boy Abunda Confirmed Jadine (James Reid – Nadine Lustre) Break Up

Veteran entertainment show host Boy Abunda has confirmed through his show in "Tonight with Boy Abunda" the split-up of James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Read more »

Caught In The Act: James Reid Kissed Issa Pressman At The Back Of Nadine Lustre?

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