Sunflower Farm In Rizal, Occidental Mindoro Allures Tourists

Wanna visit an amazing field of blooming flowers but can’t afford to go to Lavender fields in Provence, France or Sunflower fields in Andalucia, Spain, or perhaps can’t visit the Mayfield Lavender Farm in the United Kingdom or in Shibazakura Field in Greater Tokyo, Japan because of the ongoing global pandemic? Here’s a recommendation!

Why not try visiting the sunflower farm in Rizal, Occidental Mindoro, a sight to behold and an amazing fields of blooming sunflowers owned by Mr. and Mrs. Alpha and Serge Zabal.

In an interview with TeleRadyo Biyernes this Friday, the husband and wife said that they didn’t expect that the sunflower seeds from Thailand will grow and blossom in their farm.

“Ang tinaniman namin almost 200 square meters lang po. Ito po ay experiment lang po. Biro lang na nagtanim pero sabi ko paano po ba ito lalaki. Sa Thailand, ang sunflower nila doon hanggang ulo ko lang po pero ito lampas ng ulo ko,” said Serge.

The two were former teachers in Thailand and just recently decided to go back to the country, permanently, due to the pandemic.

“Last March umuwi yung husband ko, after a week nung umuwi siya nag-lockdown na po so naiwan akong mag-isa doon,” said Alpha, who also shared her sudden depression and hardships when her husband decided to leave Thailand and go back home, in the Philippines.

With this, Serge suggested Alpha to just fly back home and have a fresh start in their farm in the Occidental Mindoro. Alpha agrees and this Deecember she brought home sunflower seeds.

“Nagtiyaga akong magdilig and then inabonohan ko po. Ang resulta ay naging ganito nga at naging maganda, lumaki. Ito po ay mahigit 40 days pa lang simula nang maitanim ko po,” said Serge.

As of today, amid the pandemic, they are accepting visitors. Those who wish to roam their sunflower farm must only pay P10 as their entrance fee.

“Napakaraming tao po ngayon kasi po holiday, nakaka-overwhelm po talaga,” said Alpha.

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