Raffy Tulfo In Action: Viral Video Of The Angkas Driver Who Got Humiliated In Public Shared His Story

Netizens tagged the team of Raffy Tulfo in Action as they reported the case of an Angkas driver who got humiliated in public.

The video went viral in social a few days ago where it can be seen an Angkas driver identified as Mr. Jimmy Ripo who received spicy words from his supposed to be customer whose name is Aaron Tallo as mentioned on the news program of idol Raffy in TV5’s “Aksyon sa Tanghali”.

Based on the statement of Jimmy, his supposed to be passenger came from MRT Kamuning and wanted to go to Makati.

To show courtesy to his customer, Jimmy greeted his potential client by saying “good morning” when he arrived but the response of Mr. Tallo wasn’t pleasant to the ears.

According to Mr. Ripo the reason why his supposed to be customer became an angry person was because of his late arrival at the pickup point.

The show was also able to get the side of Angkas as they interviewed Mr. David Medrana, Head of Operations.

Watch the video below to know the full details of their story:

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