Raffy Tulfo In Action: Pregnant Woman “Cindy Bautista” Hurt Fellow Jeepney Passenger

Ms. Jocelle Tampus seeks the help of idol Raffy Tulfo in his program “Wanted sa Radyo” where she made a complaint against a pregnant woman.

According to her story, Cindy Bautista her fellow jeepney passenger beat her. The incident took place last November 2 in Doroteo Jose, Manila.

Idol Raffy was also amazed by the complainant story as the usual scenario it’s normally the pregnant person who will raise a complaint against someone.

Also, Jocelle also mentioned in her statement that the family of Cindy who was with her at that time also part of the beating incident.

“Pamilya po sila hindi lang po yung buntis,” said Jocelle.

Idol Raffy quickly recalled a similar case which they tackled several weeks ago.

“Parang Linda to ah,” said the show host.

To prove her claim, Mr. Joaquin Mariano joined Jocelle in the studio of TV5 as the star witness.

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