Raffy Tulfo In Action (Part 7): Jesse Sean Carberry Accused Anne That She Hurt His Daughter

Here is the part seven video of the case of Jesse Sean Carberry who went viral on social media several days ago after his picture together with his daughter got posted online.

Raffy Tulfo In Action (Part 7): Jesse Sean Carberry Accused Anne That She Hurt His Daughter

In this seventh installment, “Anne” and the said American had another argument which was recorded and published in the YouTube channel of Raffy Tulfo In Action.

It can be seen in the video that Jesse is accusing Anne of hurting his daughter.

“You hurt my daughter,” said Mr. Carberry. “You illegally shared pictures on facebook and you have no right to share it,” he added.

Jesse also said that “Anne” wanted to control because there was an instance she uttered the word “my baby” to his daughter and for the American it meant possession.

“Your statements of ‘my baby’, ‘my’ is a term possession,” Jesse explained to Anne.


Also, in this video, Marilyn Carberry explained how the custody of their child went to her husband. She also showed a much latest document confirming that she is mentally-fit.

Likewise, when they’re reviewing the papers brought by Mrs. Carberry they discovered that the DSWD Butuan made an assessment that Marilyn has the right and responsibility to the child.

Watch the video below to know the full details of their story:

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  1. Sir Raffy ilang beses na po akong nakkapanood ng mga programa po ninyo na naiinvolve ang mga psychiatrist po para sa referal ng ilang kaso Gaya nito Pero parang ung iba po e hindi ginagampanan ang tungkulin ng maayos parang nagagamit po sila para sa pansariling kapakanan…maari po bang kasuhan din ung mga doctor na bias para hindi na sila tularan salamat po

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