Raffy Tulfo In Action (Part 5): Jesse Sean Carberry Secret Revealed By Wife Marilyn Carberry

Here is part 5 video of the case of Mr. Jesse Sean Carberry whose photo along with his daughter went viral on social media several days ago.

In this fifth installment, both Jesse and his wife Marilyn Carberry were invited to have an appearance in “Wanted sa Radyo” in order to have a better understanding of their issue.

In the early part of the video, idol Raffy shared an update about the status of the case to all his viewers and followers who watched the live telecast of his afternoon’s public affairs program. That information was all mentioned on the Part 4 video or was during the interview of Marilyn before airing the Monday edition of “Wanted sa Radyo”.


Part of the information which was shared by Marilyn is that Jesse is having an illicit affair with another woman and they even have two kids. That allegation by the wife was later admitted by Jesse when the show host asked him about it.

They also tackled the custody of the child and fortunately one of the guests of the show was Director Irene Dumlao who is the OIC of Social Marketing Service Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Watch the video below to know the full details of their story:

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