Raffy Tulfo In Action (Part 3): “Tatay Budots” Samuel Maldo Danced To Relieve Stress In Front Of Genevieve Maldo

Here is the third video of the case first brought by Genevieve Maldo in TV5’s “Aksyon sa Tanghali” which is also hosted by idol Raffy Tulfo.

Raffy Tulfo In Action (Part 3): "Tatay Budots" Samuel Maldo Danced To Relieve Stress In Front Of Genevieve Maldo

This third installment looks like an immediate continuation of the last video where the couple was seen inside the booth of “Wanted sa Radyo”. Idol Raffy accompanied them to another room to continue the discussion hoping that they will settle their differences.

That time around the couple was joined by the granddaughter and the niece of Genevieve. The three were heavily crying to a point that they’re in a confusing situation.

Samuel felt so much stressed seeing his relatives in that mood while his wife continues to talk against him.

To keep himself in control, once again he requested the tunes of “Budots” so that he can dance.

Idol Raffy noticed that indeed the music of “Budots” and dancing to it is the way of Maldo to relieve himself from stress instead of taking medicine.

“Kaya kung kanina nakikita mo sa labas na sumasayaw siya namamanhid na yung kaniyang panga,” said idol Raffy to the granddaughter of Genevieve.

“Kailangan sumayaw siya ng ‘Budots’ para matanggal yung stress,” he added.

Watch the video below to know the full details of their story:

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