Raffy Tulfo In Action (Part 2): “Tatay Budots” Samuel Maldo Danced To Relieve Stress In Front Of Genevieve Maldo

Here is the part 2 video of the case first brought by Mrs. Genevieve Maldo to the TV program of idol Raffy Tulfo in “Aksyon sa Tanghali”.

Raffy Tulfo In Action (Part 2): "Tatay Budots" Samuel Maldo Danced To Relieve Stress In Front Of Genevieve Maldo

In this second installment, her husband Mr. Samuel Maldo made his appearance to answer the allegations thrown at him. This time, the two parties appeared in the afternoon’s public affairs program of idol Raffy in “Wanted sa Radyo”.

Mr. Maldo brought several documents with him to attest that their case was already concluded in the court of law. He presented a resistance paper where Mrs. Maldo signed that she no longer continue the filed case.

However, Mrs. Maldo said that the reason why she signed the said document is that they made a deal and it was also written in a “Memorandum of Agreement”. According to Genevieve everything she asked which was all stated in her MOA were never delivered.

While they were in the heat of the discussion, Mr. Samuel seems like unable to bear the stress he feels and he requested for a timeout.

He asked idol Raffy if he can dance to the tunes of “Budots” which the show host happily obliged.

Watch the video below to know the full details of their story:

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