Raffy Tulfo In Action: Kristine Joy Salik Alyas “Minda” Returned The Baby To Its Rightful Parents

Eric Victoriano and Princess Perrin went to the show of idol Raffy Tulfo in “Wanted sa Radyo” after they learned that their missing baby was returned by Kristine Joy Salik or alyas “Minda”.

It was an emotional moment inside the studio of TV5 now that the baby and his parents are reunited.

According to alyas “Minda”, she has no intention to kidnap the baby. Yet, the parents wanted to file a case against her so that she’ll learn a lesson.

Alyas “Minda” was hired by the couple from a FB group called Looking for Kasambahay, Katulong. They decided to take a nanny from that said group as it is much cheaper compared to an agency.

“Magpo-post po kayo dun and then may mag-kokoment na mga yaya,” said Eric during an earlier interview with him in Aksyon sa Tanghali.

Watch the video below to know their full story.


  1. regarding alyas minda… I don’t like what she did. but sstill we have to find out the rea

    this is just a study case against what happened to the abduction of baby [ re. minda}. it could be true that minda wanted to take the baby out, remember that lolo agreed that she can take the baby out. I believe he said so. it was a late discussion when lolo said he agreed only if he is with them…in that matter alone he agreed… it could then be true that minda just want to take the baby for a strool… consider the time that she found out they are looking for her. I believe she was freightened and if you are in that situation you only think f home… picture was downloaded [ f the baby] for the couple to show proudly that she is theirs…. commonsense there are so many childminders who were doing that. ones you look after the child you are proud and without malice you tell the world look at my beautiful child. I believe they bought the lampin ang bottled milk to show the public they look after the baby. the first thing the parent would ask is how did you look after her. was she fed???…it was merely minda was scared to come out. it did not came to her mind the reality because she was alresdy judge as the abductor…

  2. she might be charge of the crime that never happened… she might be in good faith. but still we have the jury to decide. it is only my opinion.

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