Raffy Tulfo In Action: Idol Raffy Got Dissatisfied With The “Taho” Vendors He Hired

Idol Raffy Tulfo the lead man of the public affairs program called “Wanted sa Radyo” was seen dissatisfied with the “Taho” vendors he hired last afternoon.

Raffy Tulfo In Action: Idol Raffy Dissatisfied With The "Taho" Vendors He Hired

The official YouTube channel of Raffy Tulfo in Action now reached the 10 Million subscribers and still growing. To give back to his followers, idol Raffy made a treat to all of the complainants that visited their Aksyon Center today.

They prepared lunch where the main dish is a roasted pig. Outside their center, they’re distributing food which includes fried chicken, meat, ice cream, and taho.

Yet, the main man of the show discovered that cans of “taho” were just kept in a corner where complainants that supposed to be consuming the said refreshment were not aware that it’s also part of their treat.

The supposed to be the supervisor of the “taho” vendors was busy taking free foods. Due to his dissatisfaction, idol Raffy took away the styro from the lady vendor and told her to start the distribution of her product.

However, the vendor told idol Raffy that the remaining “taho” were already spoiled.

Watch the video below to know the full details of the story:

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