Raffy Tulfo In Action: Adora Ramos The Girlfriend Of RJ Russel Has Passed Away

This afternoon’s show of “Wanted sa Radyo” which is hosted by idol Raffy Tulfo started in a sad mood because of the news they have received.

Raffy Tulfo In Action: Adora Ramos The Girlfriend Of RJ Russel Has Passed Away

They have learned that RJ Russel’s girlfriend, Adora Ramos has passed away at 4:00 AM this morning.

This was confirmed by the Barangay Chairman of Barangay Sorbedillo in Caba, La Union.

According to chairman Sordilla, he was informed by the neighbor of Adora at around 6:30 AM.

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“Kasi sir nung alas sais y’ medya ng umaga, pumunta sa bahay yung kapitbahay niya diyan,” Sordilla explained to idol Raffy.

He also revealed the cause of Adora’s untimely death.

“Paano po daw nagpakamatat sir?,” asked idol Raffy to the barangay chairman.

“Nagbigti sir,” he replied. “Sa loob ng comfort room sir,” he added.

RJ Russel along with his brother Kevin Russel was also in Wanted sa Radyo and they have shown their desire to visit the wake of Adora in La Union.

Idol Raffy informed the family of Adora of Russel’s intention and they promised that they will welcome them peacefully.

Watch the video below to know their full story.


  1. I hope your all happy now, this guy obviously has plenty of money, but no brains. Now there are 4 children with no Mom. Be proud Mr. Tulfo. You helped in this self inflicted suicide.

  2. Walang dpat sisihin kundi ang sarili nya..nagpatalo xa sa khinaan nya.kung hindi xa nanloko wala sanang ganitong nangyari…ang BAIT2X ni Kano,he did everything for her but still she never give importance at all.kaya sana LESSON na po sa atin ito esp. those WOMEN na merong karelasyong FOREIGNER,maging totoo kayo.

  3. At first she should have think about the consequences of what she has done! if I am in the situation of this guy I would do the same thing.. money doesn’t come like a magic.. and this woman has taken things for granted.. it should serve as a lesson to everyone, she killed herself no one has to be blame.. she killed herself because she couldn’t take it anymore.. now that is all her fault.. nobody has forced her to kill herself!

  4. Mr Russel, this is a nightmare un expected. Deep condolence , may the big man up above will continue to give you comfort light and directions. Things happen for everyone to learn. You have a big heart, so sad that the end result was not supposed to be the way it should be.
    Working abroad is not milk and honey, sweat and blood pays it back. Your retirement is mess up, although our strength is not as great as years prior to, yet life has to move on. Roll our sleeves and start all over again. Theres always bright side of it. We all learn from every mistakes, and this time am sure , measures are in place to protect yourself.
    Pls when you get back, seek consults from the medical field to prevent depression . Avoid blaming yourself and listening from negative pressures . Remember this youve done more than enough to support physically emotionally FINANCIALLY and mentally the whole family and extended family even to the extent of sacrificing your time and effort saving every single cent. There are so many ways to get help in the states , and in the states this is being dealt as a serious problem. Pls font hesitate, with all the stuff that had have happen , boy you need to sit down with a specialist. Our brsin may say we can but our body states opposite. Stay on the positive side and avoid leaning back, just a thought. Goodluck , God will do the rest. Cheers

  5. Its her choice..come to think of it .this is not the 1st time..maybe 7th times, she attempted to end her life,e2 ksi lagi ginawa nyang rason pra takasan ang mga problema pag nasukol n sya..wlang may gusto..ni si tulfo, tau na mfa nitizen,pamilya man nya o kahit ung kano..SYA mismo ang may kasalanan bakit sta namatay.may 4 na mga anak sya..un nlang sna ang naging priority nya sa kung ano pa man sa simula pa lang.

    1. It’s a rare case that this thing happened. The boyfriend must be wise enough whenever he gives money to her girlfriend because it is also to teach her how to spend money wisely. It is the responsibility of the boyfriend to know where the money goes. If you just believe that she can be trusted, it is not enough, but rather to know definitely, because you are living together as a couple. Both of you must learn wisely, for it is your own good. The partner must be very intelligent on how to supervise when it comes to money matters. This is very important. If the girlfriend is very immature in spending, the management should fall to the boyfriend, because in one way or the other, he is the provider of the family. The result will be much better if both of them must share each other either good or bad, nothing to hide with each other. this girlfriend I supposed has no experienced afflictions or severe difficulties in life when it comes to spending. And for this reason. He has the capability to know exactly the motive and the inner attitude of her partner. I was wondering why you proceed to give her such amount until it reaches to 25M? Are you not amazed by such incredible abuse? In the first place from the start of being together, you have the idea of her affairs. Perhaps, you are so much in love with her that makes you blinded. Pardon, but this is also a lesson for those who are not prudent. Well, anyway, it is not your error, however, the disputable argument leads her the fear to end her life. And to this concern, whether she has great mistakes of lying you, take it for granted, that there are some people who will not accept their mistake, it is because of their pride too much. And to avoid destructive results, just think that you gamble yourself to a certain anonymous unbearable strange untold rather than to lose a life of someone dear to your heart.

      (note) Please hide my name. Thanks

  6. I personally feel Raffy Tulfo is the one to be blamed for a lost life.

    For Russel, its a lesson learnt at a cost of life. if he gave her the money in good faith and love, then he cant be standing up there asking it back. Remember we don’t buy love with money, once money comes into this equation, its just Business after.

    For Raffy Tulfo, good work !! , you have killed not only the Girl, but her entire family.

    Deepest Condolence & Prayers to the family.

  7. For many years of living together, there is a lot to make something better. The Argument cannot heal the solution If the money matters are the center of the problem. You have to take time discussing by drawing your attention more in a loving approach according to the capacity of your partner. Because in some way or the other, if she hides something which she feels guilty, it is difficult for her to face the truth. If you really love your partner, it takes time to study her behavior and be kind enough to understand her weaknesses in life. As you have stated, six times she ventured herself to cut off her life, which is something very dreadful to think of. However, in that way of life, you have to be prudent, because of the scandal that dishonors her personality and to her family and throughout the world’s viewer, she could no longer resist, that she ended her life without grace. Anyway, the game is over, but do you think as you exist in this world, It is not difficult for you to overlook the critical situation? My sympathy is with you. Select a woman who is not lovers of money. But true love will ever keep you secured no matter what it takes.

  8. Well, the game is over. But for Pinay women, this is a lesson for you too. It is hard to accept the truth because of your weakest point in life which you cannot survive. Lovers of money will lead you to the pit of sorrow. I sympathize with a person who is innocent about the attitude of the Filipina woman, especially foreigner people who ventured themselves to marry. Thousand of Pinay, but few only are honest. However, you can say that Pinay is very hospitable, but not at all.
    For Mr.Raffy Tulfo, you have done your part very good. If these two people are willing to come together to Mr. Tulfo’s program, they can absolutely gain success. My sympathy is in the midst of the family and to his beloved partner who is loving and true to her partner.

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