Raffy Tulfo Accepts Sarah Geronimo’s Dance Craze “Tala” Challenge

Raffy Tulfo or also known as “idol” to his millions of followers recently took up the “Tala” dance challenge which was popularized by Sarah Geronimo.

Raffy Tulfo Accepts Sarah Geronimo's Dance Craze "Tala" Challenge

It was a chill moment in the office of Raffy Tulfo in Action where idol Raffy’s staff were asking probably a night out party.

However, the main man of the public affairs program “Wanted sa Radyo” said that he already quit drinking and smoking. He instead proposed to have a bar-like conversation.

“Nagkakatuwaan kami eh ginuguyo ako nitong si Carol na mag-inuman eh alam naman nito na matagal na akong hindi umiinom at hindi naninigarilyo,” said idol Raffy.

“Pero sabi ko sige kunyari nag-iinuman tayo at kwentuhan. Lalasingin ko sila ng kwentuhan,” he added.

The “Tala” challenge was brought to their conversation while idol Raffy was interviewing with one of her staff. Actually, it was the show host who started the dance craze challenge which took the Philippines, particularly in social media by storm.

Later, that challenge backfired at him as his all-ladies staff asked him to show his dance moves.

The song “Tala” is already four-years-old as it was released back in January 2016. The pop-dance music went viral as millions of netizens sent their challenge to dance on the tune online.

Watch the below video to know the full details of the story:

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