Netizens Got Mesmerized Of The Boracay-Like Waters Of Manila Bay

Several netizens were mesmerized by the Boracay-like waters of Manila Bay yesterday.

Netizens Got Mesmerized Of Boracay-Like Waters Of Manila Bay

Was it really that the Manila Bay is now much cleaner and its paradise-like scenery will soon be a reality?

GMA News reporter Chino Gaston went to the area to know the real story behind the sudden change of colors in the waters of the Manila Bay.

According to his findings, on March 11 there’s also another report of the said change in the water colors, yet on the new footage taken today, it can be seen that a large portion of the Manila Bay still has a blackish color.

“Napapansin namin ilang araw ‘yan diyan bigla siyang mag-berde. Tapos ilang araw nanaman makalipas ng dalawang araw mawawala siya bigla. Pero, kasi kadalasan mga tao dito kapag nagkakaroon ng ganito na kulay parang ano siya parang may mga hipon kasi na lumalabas,” said by a resident in the area.

However, according to the report of GMA News, the changing of the water colors may not be a signal that the waters of Manila Bay are improving but an indication that new pollutants may be increasing.

According to the Philippine Coast Guard, they have a similar situation back in 2014 where it resulted in fish kill due to pollution.

“Base doon sa mga previous reports pa ng Marine Environmental Protection Command, nagdi-discolor yung tubig nagkakaroon ng discolorization minsan pagkamerong mga pollutans or yung mga pool na… yung chlorine no nag-discharge sila ng water,” said Commodore Arman Balilo (PCG PIO).

Watch the video below to know the full story:

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