Michael Jordan’s ‘Air Jordan 1 PE’ Sold For Over P28-Million

Michael Jordan’s ‘Air Jordan 1 PE’ was sold for $560,000 at auction company Sotheby’s.

That price tag is now the current number one in the most expensive sneaker ever sold in the world. The last one was Nike Moon Shoes which was sold for $437,500. Using today’s currency conversion, the sold pair of Air Jordan 1 PE shoes is more than P28-Million in Philippine money.

Apart from the shoe is iconic, two of the obvious factors which most likely boosted the price tag are the following: The Air Jordan 1 PE which was auctioned is a game-used plus there’s an autograph of Mr. Jordan which could be also from his rookie year in the NBA.

Back in 2013, another iconic shoes of Michael Jordan were also auctioned and were sold at the price of more $100,000. According to the reports, that was the pair of shoes used by Jordan in the historic Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals whom many called it the ‘Flu Game’.

In one of the episodes of ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ Jordan gave a detailed story on his partnership with NIKE and how the shoe company invested so much to the third pick player coming from the 1984 NBA draft. Some of the basketball pundits also looked at that episode as one of the price boosters why the said Nike rookie shoes of Jordan went so high.

Likewise, just a few days ago, ESPN made a list of top 74 NBA players of all time and guess who took the number one spot? It’s Michael Jordan and no wonder why everyone wanted to like Mike.

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