Matteo Guidicelli To Sarah Geronimo: ‘You Are The Reason Why I Smile When We Wake Up’

Matteo Guidicelli extended a simple congratulations to his wife and fellow actress Sarah Geronimo for their first year anniversary as a couple.

The 30-year-old Fil-Italian actor posted a photo of them of a 32-year-old pop star with pet dogs.

According to Guidicelli, Geronimo is the reason why he always smiles every time he wakes up in the morning.

In December last year, Matteo admitted that he did not have a good relationship with the parents of the celebrity wife.

He said that the completeness of Sarah’s family in their unity became the fulfillment of her dreams.

However, he believes that at the right time, the issue will also be resolved and their parents will bond at the party.

It is said that before the secret wedding of Matteo and Sarah on February 20, 2020, Sarah’s mother, Mommy Divine, is known for being the guard-closed celebrity girl.

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