Make It With You Live Streaming | Episode 2 | Liza Soberano And Enrique Gil

Here is the January 14, 2020 episode 2 edition of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil telenovela called “Make it With You”.

Note: Live streaming will start at 7:30 PM (PHI time). Reload the page on that said time to watch the video.

In yesterday’s pilot episode of “Make it With You”, the show gave a brief insight on the main protagonists.

At the start of the telenovela, Gabo (Gil) was seen inside a truck full of people that wanted to cross the border without proper documents. Their ride was discovered by the authorities but luckily he was able to run away without being caught.

Gabo stumbles to some local farmers who are on their way to another place. He was able to persuade the men to bring him to the most beautiful city and the driver told him to go to Dubrovnik.

That was the place where he later met Billie (Soberano).

Billie is a smart and naughty girl who she used her beauty to lure men. She’s using disgusting ways like coughing, nose picking and farting to turn-off her suitors. Billie did it after she takes what she wanted.

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