Lani Misalucha Got Scammed By Maynard Oliver Vergara? | Raffy Tulfo In Action

One of the well-known performers in the Philippines, Ms. Lani Misalucha went to the afternoon public affairs program of Raffy Tulfo to report the illegal activities of Maynard Oliver Vergara.

According to Asia’s Nightingale, she was scammed by Vergara by taking a way more or less a whooping 105,000 pesos. That’s the combined monetary value if gems from Lyka app and beans from Bigo were traded to local currency.

According to the description of Lyka found on Apple App Store, it is a free social media platform which allow its users to connect, discover new things, and share their interests with other individuals. The best part of it is that it revolves around a Digital Point System that rewards its users for engagement on the platform and they called it as the LYKA Gems. Whereas for Bigo or also known as Bigo Live the livestreaming platform got a virtual currency called Bigo Beans where users and streamers use to send and receive gifts and to make other exchange. They can also convert those Bigo Beans to real money.

Vergara served as her apps administrator of Misalucha and was also the person who invited the singer to register on Lyka and Bigo yet later the gems and the beans which are convertible to peso suddenly disappeared.

“Ininvite niya ako mag-Bigo and Lyka and then po since na siya yung parang admin ko so may access po sya sa mga account ko na yun,” said Lani.

“He would tell me na e incash nga daw po para maibigay niya na sa akin ng cash so he has to pullout yung mga gems… Yun po ang sinabi niya sa akin para maibigay niya na po sa akin,” she added.

Based on Misalcuha story told to Tulfo, that money is supposed to be an extra financial support to her family as herself and her husband just undergone serious hospital medication.

Watch the video below to know the full details of the story.

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