Jerry And Ana Demandante Confronted Arnulfo And Laura Monterey In Wanted Sa Radyo | Raffy Tulfo In Action 2020 Latest

Jerry and Ana Demandante are both back in the booth of “Wanted sa Radyo” to meet Arnulfo and Laura Monterey to settle their indifferencies.

Initially, the Demandante couple told idol Raffy Tulfo that they’re now in good terms after they discussed the problem in their house after their case got tackled last February 13.

“Nung gabi po nung pagkatapos namin manggaling dito nag-usap kami sa bahay. At least nilabas niya lahat-lahat na mga nangyari. Sabi ko at least ipinaliwanag mo na rin, sabi ko ok na rin yun para sa mga anak natin,” Jerry explained to the show host.

After learning the good news from the Mr. and Mrs. Demnandante, idol Raffy also called the Laura and Arnulfo Monterey in hopes that once and for all the issue between the neighbors will all be ironed out.

Just in case you missed the first video, Arnulfo is the neighbor of the Demandante and had a forbidden relationship with Ana Demandante. Their secret love affair made Ana pregnant and one of the main reasons why they’re in “Wanted sa Radyo”.


The discussion between the two parties went smooth sailing in its early stages until the Monterey asked for a DNA test the moment the child of Ana is born.

According to idol Raffy, it was an insult to the part of Jerry and even the show host won’t sponsor the said DNA testing.

Jerry later in the program appeared that he is on the verge to change his earlier decision and this time around he wanted to file a case between his wife and her other man.

Watch the video below to know the full details of their story:

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