Ivana Alawi Pranks Her Siblings With Artificial Cockroaches

Here is the latest video from Ivana Alawi where she gave a title called “Ipis Prank!”

The motivation of Ivana to do the prank is because in the past there are people who gave her heartaches and she made it clear, it’s not from her ex-boyfriends but from her family.

“Not so long ago may mga taong nanakit sa akin, nagpa-iyak sa akin, sinaktan yung puso ko… at hindi, hindi yung mga ex ko. Iba ‘to dahil sila ang aking family and inignore nila ako, ‘di nila ako pinansin kaya it’s time. It’s time for me to give back to the feeling of hurting in my heart,” Ivana said in a jokingly way.

In this prank, Ivana spared her mother as she already made one earlier for her when she did a “boyfriend prank”.

Her attention is now centered to her sister, Mona and brother Hashim who are both afraid of cockroaches.

While her siblings are still asleep, Ivana prepared 500 artificial cockroaches and also a speaker where it says “Welcome to the land of ipis, where we all come in peace”.

Watch the video above to know the full details of the story.

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