It’s Showtime KapareWho | Bea Alonzo | November 23, 2019

Ms. Bea Alonzo was the mystery celebrity searcher in November 23 episode of It’s Showtime’s segment called “KapareWho – the Unbreakable edition”.

It's Showtime KapareWho | Bea Alonzo | November 23, 2019

Ms. Alonzo will try to find a new friend in the said show’s segment. She’s using a secret name “Mariel” to hide her real name.

There were three contestants or “KalaWhok” that will try to impress today’s show guest.

The first contestant used the nickname “Strum-body to Love”. He is a guitarist who likes John Mayer and Guns ‘N Roses lead guitarist, Slash.

The second contestant used the nickname “Flan vs Zombies”. This guy likes to eat a well-known Filipino dessert Leche Flan as well as a heavy mobile gamer.

The third contestant used the name as the “Badge-Chelor”. This guy works as a policeman who shared his past love story which many of the audience, as well as the hosts, can relate.

Watch the below video to know the full details of the story.

Part 1

Part 2

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