Francis Leo Marcos “Mayaman Challenge” Is Trending Online

Businessman Francis Leo Marcos “Mayaman Challenge” is currently one of the most discussed topics in social media.

Francis Leo Marcos "Mayaman Challenge" Is Trending Online

The reason? He is using his wealth to help people particularly the indigent families in the Philippines as well as the front-liners as the nation combats the deadly disease brought by COVID-19.

Marcos is proud of his initiative where he already inspired several people to share what they have and one of them is his friend named Romano Marcella who is on his way to share 3 Million Pesos to give assistance to more than 100 families.

“Francis Leo Marcos, tinatanggap ko yung hamon mo. Itong budget na to, para sa mahigit isang daang pamilya ang makikinabang. Sana yung request mo sa mga politico na nagbibigay na halos dala-dalawang kilong bigas na pang isang araw lang. Ayos ka sa akin tol,” said Marcella.

Apart from Marcella, there are also a policeman, a security guard and a couple who wanted to share some of the money they set aside to help the needy community to overcome the new coronavirus pandemic.

Marcos also stressed that he is not asking for donations as he has enough money to fund his philanthropic program.

He also warned the public to be vigilant that there are other individuals who are using his pictures and make either Youtube or Facebook accounts to fool people.

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