Francis Leo Marcos Arrested By The NBI For An Alleged Optometry Law Violation

The National Bureau of Investigation arrested Francis Leo Marcos for allegedly violating the Optometry Law or RA8050.

According to the reports, Marcos was apprehended by NBI’s cybercrime division over a case in Baguio City for breaking the aforementioned law.

Francis Leo Marcos went trending online when he started his ‘Mayaman Challenge’ using his social media accounts where he dared his what he called ‘rich friends’ to join him on helping the needy in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of them accepted the challenge and was even part of some of his videos where he was seen distributing sacks of rice or giving relief goods to random people he meets on the street.

Marcos was also an instant Youtube celebrity as his channel’s subscribers grew to over 1M in less than two months.

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