Ericka Villongco Removed Cryptic Post, Says Sorry For The ‘Bad Joke’ Probably On Jadine’s Break Up

James Reid ex-girlfriend Ericka Villongco removed her Instagram stories post which she uploaded earlier and called it a ‘bad joke’.

According to that deleted post, her DM was flooded with questions which according to many netizens it’s about the James Reid-Nadine Lustre break-up which was confirmed yesterday evening in “Tonight with Boy Abunda”.

Her caption was: “my dm is flooded w the ‘did u hear??’ ‘what do u have to say about..’ ‘he$ a cHeAteRrr’ … this is me rn letting the new speak for itself.”

Then there were captions scattered around the posted picture that says: “karmas a b!tch,” “god spared me,” and “LOL”.

That post is now replaced with something like an apology message: “deleted my post bec I realized it was a bad joke, im sorry for letting the impulsive aries get the best of me [cloud emoji] this rlly isn’t any of my business & it is never ok to be mean to ppl [baby angel emoji].”

Similar to her previous post, Villongco didn’t mention any names yet netizen claims that the said message is for James and Nadine.

Ericka and James were in a relationship for three years until they parted ways in March 2014 which is also the same year when Reid and Lustre had their blockbuster movie hit “Diary ng Panget”.

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