“Bursts Of Flames” Coming Out From PAL Engine, Makes Emergency Landing In Los Angeles

A mechanical problem forced the pilots of Philippine Airlines to make an emergency landing in Los Angeles a few minutes after take-off.

PAL flight is bound to Manila and the incident reportedly happened on Friday.

According to witnesses on the ground, they saw “bursts of flames” coming out of the plane engine.

“We saw bursts of flames, little flames shooting out from the engine,” said Andrew Ames, a 36-year-old fitness professional in Los Angeles, who watched as the plane ascended over the ocean after takeoff. “It almost looked like backfire flames from a motorcycle or car.”

Based on the statement of PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna, all of the flight’s passengers as well as its crew were all safe. All of them were able to disembark from the airplane using the regular airstairs.

“Our Los Angeles Airport Team has provided assistance to passengers on their flight rebookings,” Villaluna said.

“We affirm that safety is our top priority and that Philippine Airlines is fully cooperating with the concerned airport and aviation authorities,” she added.

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