Breaking News: Senator Miguel Zubiri Positive With COVID-19

Senator Miguel Zubiri informed the public that he is positive of COVID-19, which made him that first national official to get infected with the new coronavirus.

“This afternoon, I received a call from Secretary [Francisco Duque III] on my condition. My heart sank with what he had said but I’m uplifted with the fact that I am asymptomatic and have no fever or cough, nor am I weak or have any headaches,” Zubiri said.

The Senate Majority leader also mentioned that he is very careful with his dealings and followed all of the known precautions to avoid the COVID-19.

“I was very careful in my dealings with people at work in the Senate. I practiced social distancing as well as a no-handshake policy yet I got contaminated. How? I do not know,” said Zubiri.

Earlier, several senators announced that they are on a self-quarantine after they got aware that a resource person who attended a senate hearing last March 5 tested positive for COVID-19.

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