Andrea Torres Not Affected By Derek Ramsay, Ellen Adarna’s Ongoing Fling

“God is my answer to everything” is Andrea Torres’ response following the confession of her ex-boyfriend Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna that they have been in a relationship for a month now in an interview with Arniel Serato of

Andrea’s silence was consistent, in fact in her Kumu interview the other night she didn’t seem to be affected by Ramsay and Adarna’s ongoing fling. She was even seen laughing.

Furthermore, she also allegedly admitted in the said interview that she doesn’t speak a lot about certain issues because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone elese’s feelings. She said she was thinking carefully about what to say.

Meanwhile, some were doubtful of Derek and Ellen’s relationship. According to some, given that the two came from a failed relationship, they are just a “rebound” of each other.

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