Alex Gonzaga Copies Ivana Alawi’s “A Day In My Life” Vlog

Here is the Youtube video where Alex Gonzaga copied the most viewed vlog posted by Ivana Alawi.

Back in October 30, 2019, Ivana posted a video on her official YT channel that has the title “A day in my Life” where it already amassed a total of 17 Million views and still counting.

Many said that it’s just a simple video where the new “Kapamilya” actress shared her daily personal routines and how she deals with her household chores.

Alex who is also a Youtuber herself also noticed that million views and she wasted no time and made a similar one for herself with some twists.

Midway in her vlog, Ivana made her appearance as Alex’s surprise guest.

Likewise, Mikee Morada who is a familiar face to many of Alex’s fans is also present in that vlog where he got teased by his girlfriend most especially why he was able to know Ivana from her Instagram posts.

Watch the video below to know the full story:

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