8 Tourists Arrested In Boracay For Faking COVID-19 Test Results

Eight tourists who faked COVID-19 test results over the weekend were arrested in the Boracay Islands, the Boracay provincial inter-agency task force disclosed on Tuesday.

Initially, the first four tourists were arrested on Friday, after the provincial inter-agency task force found out that they are using fake RT-PCR test results, while the last four tourists were arrested for a similar offense.

Based on the RT-PCR test results presented by the group of tourists, the said results were allegedly issued by Saint Luke’s Hospital in Metro Manila. However, when the task force checked the list of names of people who were given the said results by the hospital, their names did not appear.

With this, the eight tourists were mandated to do a 14-day quarantine in a COVID-19 facility in Kalibo, Aklan.

Also, a law suit for violating RA 11332 or Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act and Falsification of Document’s awaits the eight tourists.

The Department of Health (DOH) reported that the country logged 1,391 new COVID-19 infections on Tuesday (February 16), bringing the case tally to 552,246.

The death toll also slightly increased to 11,524, after seven more people died from the disease. Meanwhile, 45 patients recovered, raising the survivor count to 511,796.

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