3 Men Who Allegedly Jumped Into The River After A Cockfight Raid, Found Dead In Davao City

The bodies of three men who were allegedly among those who attended the cockfight that police raided on Sunday in Purok 6, San Miguel, Barangay Gumalang, Baguio District in Davao City were found in various parts of the Davao River.

The body of John Hanzel Pagapang was first found on Monday afternoon in the Davao river near Barangay Dacudao, Calinan district.

Dennis Manipis’ body was next found in the Davao river in Barangay New Carmen, Tugbok district on Tuesday morning.

The body of Mark Joel Agusan was last seen on the Davao river in Barangay Mandug, also Tuesday morning.

Thirteen individuals were arrested in the police raid for cockfighting.

According to Police Major Archilles Bargio, chief of the Baguio Police Station, up to 50 people attended the cockfight, and when the police arrived, people ran away and some jumped into the Davao river.

Bargio denied that the police fired when they arrived at the area.

Police are still investigating the recovered bodies.

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